EDM Artists React To Coronavirus-Cancelled Ultra Miami

Amidst the looming fear that the Coronavirus set across our nation, it was only a matter of time before major festivals faced the impending doom. In recent news with the cancellation of Ultra Miami, the industry and its fans express their shocked reactions. What started with Miami officials wanting to postpone the festival, lead to its cancellation. Alongside Ultra Miami, includes Ultra Abu Dhabi and Tomorrowland Winter. While Miami Music Week will still go on, a multitude of DJs voiced their concerned remarks. Some artists have even pulled out of MMF completely.

The cancellation of the Ultra Music Festival Miami leaves the industry and its fans in a disheartened mood. Instead of getting to play at one of the nation’s biggest EDM music festivals, artists will need to raincheck UMF. The spread of coronavirus around the world leads to a major impact on the economy, logistics, and major gatherings. Below are some of the feedback that artists have been posting via Twitter. Some artists are still playing Miami Music Week, while some are left without UMF Miami.