Road To Ultra India is the next COVID-19 victim. After recent news of Ultra Miami, Ultra Abu Dhabi, and Tomorrowland Winter being cancelled, festival season is not getting off to a good start.

The two ‘Road To Ultra India‘ events have been cancelled. For anyone new to this, it would have taken place in Hyderabad on March 7th. Delhi makes the second location on March 8th. Compared to its flagship festivals, these events rank smaller in scale. But they boast key players like AlessoKSHMRNicky Romero and Vini Vici as headliners.

Events are dropping out of the festival game like flies as the virus becomes a bigger global threat. It’s not just about restricted travel that prohibits attendance, it is also the risk of being in a crowded space together.

Ultra hosts several other one or two-day events across multiple continents and countries. While not large scale massives, this is what the Ultra experience was supposed to be about. Ultra Beach, the Resistance series, and Road to Ultra happen to be part of that journey.

The festival brand is infamous for chartering multiple international festivities each year. Past smaller-scale events have been hosted in Hong Kong, Peru, the Philippines, and Chile. These locations boast debuts of the brand, as no Ultra Music Festival has taken place there before. For India, it almost joined the lineup this year.

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus, is savagely impacting festivals around the world. Government restrictions, like France, can shut down any event with more than 5,000 attendees. Board meetings will be held to discuss containment of the virus.

Stay Tuned And Be Positive

We shall wait on the official statement from Ultra on this event. Though, things don’t look good. Artists have also been cancelling their shows. Stay tuned for more information.