Idris Elba ft. Kah Lo – Ballie (Destructo Remix)

Idris Elba dropped a house/hip-hop crossover track almost a year ago called ‘Ballie‘. He debuted it at Coachella actually at the Yuma stage, where he brought all the underground vibes with him. It featured the vocals of Grammy-nominated, Nigerian singer, KahLo. She mentioned the ‘hottest DJ in the world right now’. Notably, our actor/DJ has been on a roll. Now, Destructo is shining his spotlight on his remix of this track.

Right off the bat, the song gets a bangin’ new house tempo, more upbeat and fiery. Second, the bass drums, offbeat hi-hats, and snare drums come together for a new rendition. Third, Richards does a great job of bringing an extra fresh take on hip-hop. Overall, we love those deep basslines and the even higher peak-time energy he brings to it. We’ve seen hip-hop and house combos, but this one is worthy of the world.

First of all, it is so catchy and hypnotic with the exotic vocals. Furthermore, the low toned synths amplify the track’s appeal. Elba released this on his very own London based label, 7Wallace. As a result, they’re giving you another track to add to your 2020 playlist.

After an epic weekend — this past January with his AMFAMFAMF‘s FriendShip — Gary is continuing his onslaught. Touring this year across the US and even Canada, we hope to see this track played in one of his sets. Fans already love the original and turn up to ‘Charlie’ whenever they get the chance to see him live. What if…a b2b set happened between the two? Thoughts?

Now enough talk and let’s get to the real reason why you’re reading. Put Idris Elba and Destructo together and you get one fine remix. Listen below now!

Idris Elba – Ballie (Destructo Remix)