About Us

Established in November 2011, EDMTunes began with a dream and a passion: to deliver the audience the finest content that the EDM world has to offer. Providing the best in music industry breaking-news, curated tracks, live event coverage, and insider artist updates, EDMTunes has developed a deep network and far-reaching audience within the world of dance music.

Whether providing a platform for new and aspiring artists to promote their music, offering an audience a forum to discover the latest and greatest from the scene’s hottest artists, or acting as a reliable source for dance music news across business, tech, celebrity, and event news, EDMTunes has proven its popularity among fans and industry professionals alike.

EDMTunes strives to continue to grow and innovate within the EDM space and seeks to promote, empower, and support artists and events. For more information about our team, our goals, and how we can work with you, please contact us.