Reports Indicate Ultra Music Festival Will be Cancelled

Update 5:15pm: Cancelation likely

The Miami Herald is also reporting that the festival will be canceled or “postponed” for a full year. Still no official announcement from Ultra or the City.

Update 4:48pm

Sunday Mainstage closer David Guetta has also scrubbed Miami from his tour schedule. We hate to concern troll, but now we’re pretty darn concerned.

Whether coronavirus is underreported or overblown, the hysteria is not slowing down. Economies all over the world continue to receive hard blows as fears about the virus continue to spread all over the world. The EDM industry has received a couple hard punches as well. As the outbreak continues, more and more festivals face the threat of cancellation. Ultra Abu Dhabi was the first festival to be canceled. Now, Tomorrowland Winter and Ultra Music Festival both face similar issues. While every indication has been that Ultra remains on the calendar, Martin Garrix just made us sweat a little.

The last we heard, Ultra and the City met and struck some sort of deal. We don’t know what type of deal this is but we will be informed on Friday. This could be anything from a new safety procedure to a cancellation or a “postponement”. We don’t know anything for sure at this point, however silence is probably not a positive in wake of the rumors flying.

Superstar DJ/Producer Martin Garrix has deleted Ultra Music Festival from his upcoming tour dates, hinting to a cancelation. The probable cause might be the issues the festival faces regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

Garrix Deletes Miami From Tour Dates

Fast forward less than a few hours and we are worrying. If you check Martin Garrix tour dates directly on his website or Facebook, you won’t find Ultra Music Festival anymore. You can check it here.

Garrix pulling out from the festival would be very, very bad news. Tomorrowland Winter is still there, and the festival is supposed to go down just a day before UMF. This, however, is no confirmation. As of yet, there’s no confirmation from Garrix’s team. However, other rumors are going around, and they talk about more and more artists canceling. The virus outbreak could obviously lead to more artists canceling. However, there’s no official statement yet. With the officials in Miami aiming to postpone the festival, nothing is sure. UMF will release an official statement on Friday. We’ll have to wait until then.

Security must be a priority for everyone. We encourage UMF to do everything they can to ensure their attendees’ security and health. While this might be bad news for literally everyone, we must remember what’s important. We’ll try to bring you more news as soon as we get them, but for now, we recommend proceeding with caution.