Samsung Patents a Full Display Fingerprint Scanner

 Are you a fan of the finger print scanner on smart phones instead of new technology options like facial recognition. There’s debate that facial recognition, specifically Apple’s FaceID is the most secure option but the fingerprint scanner has always seemed to have the quickest unlock time. In the past, fingerprint scanners have been on physical buttons, both on the side, front, and back of deices but now, Samsung is working to have the whole front screen to be a physical fingerprint reader!

A few devices for sale now already have a type of fingerprint reader under the screen but it is limited to a specific region of the screen and not as reliable. It’s reported that the patent Samsung has filed will consist of a fingerprint scanner that works through the entire front display. Even more interesting, it is reported the patent specifically describes the scanner to be built into a foldable phone.

On paper, Samsung predicts it will take the scanner around 700ms to complete the scan and unlock the device. Of course, aggressive testing will need to be done to make sure it is secure and reliable. Smart phone companies are all searching for ways to increase the screen to body ratio but are stumped with the controversial front notch. By implementing this new scanner, the notch could be shrunk dramatically. It’s now a race to see who can implement the camera system and speaker parts under an OLED display. What are your thoughts on Samsung’s future fingerprint scanner in a foldable phone?