Samsung Slows Down OLED Panel Output As iPhone X Continues To Decline

Apple‘s latest installment for the iPhone lately has been on a steady decline, and it seems Samsung has taken note of that. Samsung Electronics has decided to slow down production at it’s OLED panel plant after Apple’s decision to reduce iPhone X output due to weak customer demand recently.

While the original plan was for the South Korean company to supply organic light emitting diode panels for almost 50 million iPhones, it seems that they have now decided to cut that in more than half. Samsung is now looking to produce panels for about less than 20 million iPhones for their January-March quarter.

While the company has yet to decide on their production target for the next few months, this is certainly a move that looks to impact production at its plants and facilities. With numbers looking to be dropping to about a 60% production level in plants and 50% or lower in production levels in their facilities.

Samsung hopes to recover from some of the declines by securing more orders from Chinese and other customers. Unfortunately, Apple’s struggle with the iPhone X is also affecting the production of other parts as well as bringing down memory-chip prices.