iPhone 8 Fingerprint Scanner Will Disappoint You

iPhone 8

Apple is planning on announcing new models for its iPhone line in September. Leaks of the phone’s layout and structure have been floating around all over the internet this past year. It was discovered early in July that face recognition was going to be utilized for the iPhone 8. A new screen design, AI chip, and faster processor were some of the hardware updates that were being implemented but the new screen design showed difficulty in placing the Touch ID feature iPhone users are accustomed to using.

Photo Leaks of what looks like the iPhone 8 have been discovered and it seems to be disappointing. What is shown is a case of iPhone 8 phones with the Apple logo on the back and right underneath is a possible fingerprint scanner. The placement of a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone shows that Apple could not find a way to place the Touch ID on the front of the phone because of it’s new design.

iPhone 8
It still remains a mystery if the phones in the photo are actually the iPhone 8. Apple still plans on releasing the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus which leaves the possibility that the pictured phones are the 7S models.

The good news with the rear fingerprint scanner design is that it won’t be as annoying as expected. Apple is leaning toward using face recognition as their new secure log in method for the iPhone 8. Although face recognition is still in the works it will be a major new feature for the company’s phone line.

Source: Technobuffalo