Boys Noize will return to New York next month to perform at Brooklyn’s grandest venue, Avant Gardner. The German DJ and producer recently made some serious waves when he dropped his cover of Adamski and Seal’sKiller‘. With the help of vocalist, Steven A. Clark, Boys Noize was able to recreate the massive UK hit from the 1990’s.

Boys Noize is also well known for his duo group with Skrillex, known as Dog Blood. Earlier this year, the two were spotted in the studio together cooking up what looks like new music. With Skrillex’s “game-changing” album just on the horizon, don’t be surprised to see a collaboration or two from Boys Noize as they move forward with their duo project.

Boys Noize as he is set to perform at Avant Gardner’s King’s Hall on November 10th. Tickets are still available but are starting to run low. Grab your tickets here now before the show sells out.