Skrillex Completes Collab Spree with Feed Me and Dillon Francis

Skrillex Dillon Francis Feed Me

Feed Me, Dillon Francis and Skrillex; Oh My! Feed Me and Dillon Francis, two of the biggest names in their respective genres, have confirmed via Twitter that they have completed a set of collaborations with OWSLA head Skrillex. Dillon Francis announced that his remix with Skrillex of Eliphant’s “Only Getting Younger” (which Skrillex produced) was in the books, as well as an original that we can only assume will be on Dillon’s forthcoming album. On the same day, Mau5trap extraordinaire Feed Me announced that his collab with Skrilly was finished. Vibes.

This news only generates more hype for the much anticipated debut album for Dillon Francis entitled “Money Sucks, Friends Rule,” which received quite a bit of flak when he announced it was going to be signed to Columbia Records. Then, there is Feed Me and his wealth of unreleased music which we have yet to hear any of; his two EP’s, which never came to fruition, as well as his new album. All we have to go on is his latest single release and a tweet, but die hard Feed Me fans will take that to heart. Skrillex on the other hand is still riding the high from the success of “Recess” and Jack U, (seriously, have you heard ‘Dirty Vibe’? Where does this stuff come from?) as well as his  19 city Mothership tour. Throw in the highly coveted Dillon Francis and Deadmau5 coffee run and Skrillex is riding the mothership into the stratosphere.