The Ultimate Coffee Run Just Happened: Deadmau5 Takes Skrillex and Dillon Francis for a Drive

Three of the most well-known producers on this planet all got into one car and talked for an hour and a half in Toronto. Yeah, that happened. At the request of Skrillex and Dillon Francis, who are in Canada for a stop on their Mothership tour, a Coffee Run needed to go down. As always, the public knew about this plan because the DJs interacted through their Twitter accounts, because nobody has a phone number anymore apparently. As we all waited anxiously to see if this would happen, important questions arose: who would lap up? What could they talk about? Will Dillon’s split personality disorder flair up and DJ Hanzel take command?  Who knows, but when deadmau5 tweeted that the video was uploading and it was over an hour and a half, the biggest question was: who takes that long to get coffee and what could they have possibly talked about? The answer: their show productions, their signature sound, vitamins, and so much more. If you have this much time to kill, it is Friday after all, we highly recommend watching this bit of gold.

[Disclaimer: Dillon Francis is afraid of going fast and shouldn’t have gotten shotgun, we love his terrified face, though.]