Feed Me Says 2014 Will See a Return of Spor with New Album & More Signature Material

Photo Credit: Oliver Walker

A while back, the bass gremlin know as Feed Me publicly stated that he will take a break from touring to allow himself to go into studio-hibernation mode. Well with the release of his first studio album ‘Calamari Tuesday,’ and then following up with the announcement via his FaceBook page of another upcoming album in the near future, it appears that he was far from kidding. The FaceBook post stated that the upcoming release of the next EP is about a week away, and will be unleashed upon the world by his own label Sotto Voce. Following this EP, another album will drop hopefully by the end of summer. And as if that was not enough, Jon Gooch will be returning to his production roots by putting out even more material under his older aliases, Spor and Seventh Stitch later in the year. Between Feed Me, Spor, or Seventh Stitch, which releases are you most excited to get your ears on?