Tomorrowland Inks 66-Year Deal with De Schorre Park

No, it’s not a typo. Tomorrowland just inked a deal with De Schorre Park in Boom, Belgium to remain at the holy grounds of Tomorrow until 2090. Yes, Tomorrowland is locked in for almost the entire rest of the century. It sounds crazy to think about, but there’s a method to the madness.

With this agreement we want to continue our successful collaboration

In concrete terms, the agreement means that Tomorrowland will receive more rights during the festival period, which is 13 weeks for the construction, the festival itself and the dismantling. Nothing will change for the residents of Boom, except that the domain will become even more attractive through even more investments. 

Mireille Colson – Green and Recreational Domains

Tomorrowland has been taking place at De Schorre in Boom, Belgium since 2005. Antwerp, of which Boom is a province, signed a deal with We Are One World, Tomorrowland’s parent company. The reason for this very long-term deal is to provide Tomorrowland with enough legal security for it to make much longer-term investments in De Schorre that will pay off in the years to come.

Over the years Tomorrowland has been contributing permanent improvements to De Schorre that have benefitted the local community year-round, but also the People of Tomorrow each July. Such investments are the One World Bridge, the Stairway to Unity, the trolls scattered around the park, and the upgrades done ahead of 2023 around several of the stage locations. These improvements also include cabling, water infrastructure, and walking paths for wheelchair use. Now that Tomorrowland has certainty until 2090, imagine the types of permanent improbements that can be envisioned!