OutPhaze And Jokerz Join Forces On Electrifying Single ‘Taste It’

Listen to the latest Rawstyle bomb, coming to you courtesy of three masterminds.

Are you seeking for a song that can lift you up in mere seconds? Were it waking up from a comfy nap, or bringing motivation for whatever chores you have ahead today, we have the perfect match for you. Here’s ‘Taste It‘, the latest addition to the harder-of-styles’ roster, and a collaboration between legend-in-the-making OutPhaze, and duo of virtuosos Jokerz. The single is a statement as to why Chile has been the undisputable king of Hardstyle in the South American region for decades on end. The product of years of successful festivals and a devoted crowd like no other around the globe? Yeah, you can taste it in this tune as well.

OutPhaze and Jokerz playing at SUPERKLUB. Photo credit: Bassmusic.cl

The Artists Behind ‘Taste It’


OutPhaze. Photo credit: Bassmusic.cl

We’ve already introduced you to OutPhaze in the past, and he’s the gift that keeps on giving. With a musical career that started not too long ago, the man has already conquered a few summits, such as turning into a K1-Recordz local, and gracing the crowds with his unbelievably intense DJ sets. His recent appearance at SUPERKLUB Festival in Santiago melted faces far and wide, with a selection of own and external songs that delivered far more than just heat and punchy kicks.


Equally impressive is the career of Rawstyle duo Jokerz. Born in 2017, they’ve already acted as supporting acts for Da Tweekaz, Sub Zero Project, and Coone, among many others, plus they’ve headlined shows in several countries. Their latest public appearance, just like OutPhaze, was at SUPERKLUB, and boy, did they set up a show.

In fact, the three went back-to-back to premiere their single, check it down below!

Taste It

Three minds are behind the making of this song. So, you’d expect triple the energy? You’re right. ‘Taste It’ is a single packed with enough energy to power a whole village. The use of sharp synths, screeches, and an entire arsenal of different kicks, all contribute to giving the festival personality from the get-go.

Crafted for the dancefloor, you’ll imagine where the CO2 cannons and the fire shows should go. The first round of kicks that come to play are Techno-infused, giving the low-end one heck of a starring role. After that, come the Rawstyle kicks, crafted to get your hands as high as they can go.

The break features yet another uplifting melody, as is the staple of Hardstyle. It couldn’t be complete without a catchy melody that you’ll probably learn by heart by the third replay of ‘Taste It’. Then the melodic drop hits, matching a variable kick play with the aforementioned progression. It’s truly a song to experience live.

Listen to OutPhaze & Jokerz‘s future classic ‘Taste It‘ below for your recurrent Spotify play we all know and love. Alternatively, watch the official video on YouTube either using the video player above or this link, and follow this link over here to support the track on your platform of choice.

Featured image credit: Bassmusic.cl