Tomorrowland Gifts De Schorre 7 Wooden Trolls In Honor Of 15th Anniversary

Troll statute in the mainstage area

Five years ago Arne Quinze built the ‘One World’ bridge for the 10th edition of Tomorrowland. The bridge symbolized the connection between people and bridging their differences. This week, De Schorre Park in Boom, received another piece of artwork.  Danish artist Thomas Dambo has built a ‘Magical Troll Forest.’ It is to honor the 15th year of Tomorrowland.

There are a total of seven trolls protecting the park. One located right near the main stage. Attendees will have the opportunity to find each troll hidden in the trees. Each sculpture is partaking in a different action. One troll is making a necklace while two others stare into the sky looking at clouds. One is gathering stones while another carves figures into a totem pole.

The idea behind the whole thing is actually pretty cool. All seven of them are working together to build a large watchtower that houses ‘The Holy Troll.’ You can even find this watchtower deep in the forest that offers a beautiful view of the whole park.

The trolls are in between 13 and 26 feet high and even have their own names: Una, Jeuris, Kamiel, Mikil, Hannes, Arvid, and Nora. Thomas Dambo had this to say about the project:

“Hopefully, when they stand there, visitors will realize why nature reserves like these are precious and need to be protected…With my work, I want to show what kind of gigantic things you can build with waste that nobody wants anymore.”

All the creations are made out of recycled wooden material. If you begin your search for all seven trolls you will find it is not so easy. But, that is the fun part. You will have to walk all around the park to achieve the goal. Happy trails!