Tomorrowland’s De Schorre Park Reveals New Upgrades

De Schorre is more than just a recreational area, it is also the holy ground where Tomorrowland takes place each year. One of the most unique features of Tomorrowland is the symbiotic relationship it has with De Schorre. Each year Tomorrowland undertakes some sort of permanent improvement to the park that it can utilize for the festival. So over time, De Schorre has become a sort of permanent theme park for Tomorrowland.

This year the park is being permanently upgraded in three areas that you’ll surely recognize if you’ve been there before. Here are the three places where the future is being built:

The Sand Area (where Kara Savi Stage was): 

The old beach along the One-World bridge will also be given a new purpose. This is where the Kara Savi stage has been over the last few years. No less than 19 plant tubs of different heights are arranged in terraces around a cozy tree meadow. The handsome design creates space to relax, with lots of nice seating. During events, this place can also serve as a festival experience. The Kara Savi stage is being replaced by Terra Solis stage, and we assume it will be in this updated area.

Here too, a varied range of plants is provided to give both fauna and flora that necessary boost. The current beach sand will be moved to the pond bank. The increase in the latter provides extra buffer capacity for the ponds, so that 13,000 cubic meters of surface water can be used for reuse.

Harbor House Island

Right in front of De Pitte, across the miniature golf course, there is currently a spit of land that runs into the pond. This marshy peninsula used to receive few visitors, aside from the occasional goose. A few daisies grew here and there, but it was not exceptionally biodiverse. This is where the Harbor House stage was placed each year.

That is now being changed. Environmentally friendly banks are making way for several new plant species. Limited, but very beautiful cobblestone and concrete forms also make the piece of land conveniently accessible. The Harbor House stage is being changed to the Elixir Stage which pays homage to the 2016 Trees Mainstage.

The Nest (Library Stage area)

This smaller well in De Schorre called ‘Het Nest’ will be given a facelift and will be further completed. This is the area where The Library stage sits now.

The recreational Nest will be a sunken square between grassy hills and hedgerows. At the bottom of the pit, the marshy subsoil makes way for an Urban Sports Zone. 

First, infrastructure works will complete the Urban Sports Zone and will facilitate a more efficient construction of events. The plants are then applied to turn the Nest into a green oasis. 

This green oasis will consist of a marsh that embraces the zone, situated between lush grassy hills and an oak-birch forest behind.

Commitment to Sustainability

At De Schorre, sustainability is a must , the park is 100% committed to reducing their environmental impact by taking measures to make the facility more energy-efficient, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable practices.

“We are proud of the work that we are doing at De Schorre and hope that visitors will enjoy the new and improved facilities. Thank you for your continued support!”