Tomorrowland Introduces New “Stairway To Unity” Mosaic

Tomorrowland is already increasing anticipation for this year’s festival return, the first since the start of the pandemic. Known to go above & beyond for fans and event-goers alike, organizers have unveiled a new art installation titled “The Stairway To Unity,” a relevant symbol of what the Belgium event is all about.

“The Stairway To Unity” is a 60-meter-long handmade mosaic staircase located at the recreation area De Schorre in Boom, the home of the renowned music festival. The art installation contains over 5 million mosaic pieces, entirely hand-cut by the artists that participated in bringing the artwork to life.

The project was a close collaboration with Parisian mosaic expert Jean-Christophe Duperron, Cuban artist Michel Herrera Cuello, and Italian company Mosaici Moruzzi, therefore making it an exquisite masterpiece brought about by experts in the mosaic art form. Envisioned by the Tomorrowland creative team, the artwork symbolizes one of the values the festival is known to convey, the act of unity and community.

What Attendees Can Expect From ‘The Stairway To Unity’

Visitors of the art piece can see a man and woman transfixed by what looks like roots, water, and earth. Pasted on the faces are continents, with South America and the United States being the most visible. In addition to the art, painted at the bottom of the stairway is the sentence “Radiate Your Love and Unity To The World.”

At night, this is when the stairway truly comes to life. As shown in a video posted by Tomorrowland, the art installation lights up once the sun sets and the moon rises.

The staircase calls for all those who walk its steps to create genuine connections and to spread positivity throughout the event. Moreover, Tomorrowland unifies over 200 countries all across the globe in one specific location, making the messaging quite fitting for the festival.

This is not the first time Tomorrowland introduces a new art installation for attendees to ravel in. In 2014, the Belgium event welcomed it’s first art insallation ‘One World Bridge‘ by Arne Quinze, which later led to the 2019 piece the Magical Troll Forest‘ by Thomas Dambo.

Tomorrowland makes its long-awaited return for over three-weekends from July 15th – 31st. This year’s lineup features artists such as Eric Prydz, Armin Van Buuren, John Summit, and many more.

Watch the behind-the-scenes of how “The Stairway To Unity” came to be in the video below.