Motorola’s RAZR is Officially Back With a Foldable Display

It’s official, the new and improved Motorola RAZR is back and better than ever. After months of rumors, speculations, and concept photos, we’ve gotten official confirmation from Motorola. Who would’ve known 15 years ago, that we’d be seeing the iconic flip-phone make a return? All in all, the design and technical specks of the RAZR compete with the Galaxy Fold but still stand apart from the normal smartphone. Still, the RAZR will cost a hefty penny to get your hands on by early next year.


Based on Motorola’s official announcement and those that got an early hands-on review, the RAZR’s foldable display works well. The main OLED display, when folded out, measures at 6.2-inches. Those at TechRadar stated that they could not see the seam on the main screen where the screens folded but could feel it with their hand. It will be interesting to see how the foldable screen lasts through normal wear and tear.

The RAZR also features a smaller screen on the outer shell, nicknamed the ‘quicklook’ display. This smaller display is perfect for quickly checking who texted you or for taking a selfie on the go. Going back to the inside of the phone, there’s one design aspect that some may dislike. Staying true to the original RAZR, this year’s device also has a sizable bottom chin.

The iconic bottom chin takes up a good portion of the bottom of the device. While necessary, those that dislike the notch on the iPhone will certainly have an issue with this bottom lip. Inside the chin, houses the phone’s speaker, USC-C port, fingerprint sensor, and antennas. Do note, the RAZR does not have facial recognition or a headphone jack. Even with this minor inconvenience, the RAZR makes up for it with its size. The folded out screen offers users great visibility and folds slim for easy storage in one’s pocket or purse.


As expected, the updated RAZR is much more powerful than the one we remember so many years ago. For those that need a device for multi-tasking and work, the RAZR offers 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. It’s also reported that the powerful Snapdragon 710 processor will be housed within the device. What most customers care about is battery. Inside the RAZR, you’ll find a 2510mAh battery, a decent size for today’s standards.

Camera-wise, you’ll find a conventional 5MP internal camera and 16MP front-facing camera. The front-facing camera is also said to feature a Night Vision mode. Further hands-on testing will need to be done in order to measure the device up to other top smartphones. Lastly, the RAZR will not feature a physical SIM card compartment. Instead, it will feature eSIM, a non-physical SIM replacement.

Price and Launch Date

While the Motorola RAZR was official announced today, pre-orders are not until December 26th. January 9th is the official release date for the device in the US, with later dates for remaining countries. Honestly, we’re surprised to see a release after Christmas but expect to see a high amount of pre-orders regardless.

In terms of price, the RAZR is set for $1,500. While lower than other phones in the foldable phone market, it’s still a steep price for a smartphone these days. Our hope is that the RAZR is released without any hiccups or design flaws like the Galaxy Fold. Until then, you can read more about the Motorola RAZR here!