The RAZR Phone Is Coming Back With Foldable Display & We Want It

As smartphones become bigger each year it gets easier for them to crack and bend. Plus, they all look the same now. However, Lenovo is planning to bring back the beloved Motorola RAZR as a smartphone with a foldable display. New images have surfaced that gives some detail on how the revived phone is intended to look like. Sporting some of the original design, such as a chin cut-out bottom like the original, Motorola added a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. The new RAZR appears to have a single camera on the back of the phone and a small screen along with it. This will likely be used for notifications, the time, and other useful information. Nevertheless, the patent does not give us many details on any specifications.

In addition, the RAZR has a new hinge mechanism for the foldable display that shelters the edge of the panel where it folds the device. Hopefully this won’t wear out or break easily.

The foldable Motorola RAZR smartphone is expected to make its debut as early as next month. It will likely be sold as a Verizon exclusive in the US.The fact that this design patent was filed in Europe, gives hope that the phone will be making its way to European and other international markets. The price of the RAZR is  rumored to be at least $1,500 for the smartphone and will limit the production run to only 200,000 units. Are you ready for some 2004 nostalgia?