Another Man Arrested For Stealing 106 Phones From EDC Orlando

A  South Florida man has been arrested for stealing 106 phones from EDC Orlando.

25 year old Adeson Ortega was pulled over on Monday after his car rolled through a stop sign. During the stop, deputies were able to recover bags full of cellphones, personal IDs, and credit cards.

A detective has stated that he was able to insert 20 removed SIM cards into the phones and contacted the owners. After a few conversations, owners confirmed that they lost their phone after a man bumped into them at EDC Orlando. The stolen phones will be sent to the Orlando police department for processing. The office encourages any phone theft victims to submit a description of their lost phone and passcodes so that they can contact them.

Ortega is not alone in his arrest. 34 year old Carlos Hernandez was also arrested for phone theft at EDC.

It is unfortunate that phone theft is still a common occurrence at festivals and music concerts. It is important to stay aware of your surroundings when attending any show. Please refrain from placing phones in back pockets as that’s where they are commonly stolen from. As an alternative, wear pants that have zipper pockets. Lastly and most importantly, remember to watch out for each other at future shows.