Spotify Partnering with Augmented Reality Company Magic Leap

Spotify has some exciting news. This time, it isn’t about their investments in Podcasts, or their financial gains over the last year. Spotify is partnering with Magic Leap, and is releasing a music streaming app on their augmented reality headset.

With this exciting app, Spotify Premium users can access and control their favorite music on their Magic Leap One Creator Edition. Furthermore, with a spatially aware app, users can “pin” playlists, albums and songs to different locations in their home. Live concert in the bathroom? EDM dance party in the kitchen? Furthermore, you can develop and curate different playlists and vibes for each room in your home.

Although the partnership doesn’t currently include Podcasts, Magic Leap expressed their interest in the “wider world of podcasts, audiobooks and storytelling” for the future.

And this is just the beginning. The launch of Spotify marks an evolution in the way you can see, hear and experience the bands and artists that you love. It’s an exciting time for music. For musicians. For developers. And for music-lovers the world over.

The announcement of this partnership comes conveniently after Magic Leap announced another round of funding. Hopefully this partnership will only help the company grow. Stay tuned to see how the Spotify integration grows and develops.