Motorola’s Foldable RAZR Rumored to Launch This December

Foldable Razr

As 2019 continues to fly by, there’s still several new smartphones to look forward to. Whether you have your eyes set on Apple, Samsung or Google, there’s a phone for everyone. Before you set your mind on one device, new rumors on Motorola‘s foldable RAZR smartphone may sway you to their side. This revolutionary device has been in the news for some time now but it may be hitting the shelves in the near future.

A new report by the Dutch blog LetsGoDigital, states the RAZR will be launched in the USA as early as this December. They claim they’ve received this information via an anonymous source but the information has been verified. Again, take this all as a rumor, as Motorola has not released any further news on the device. The last update we’ve heard was this past February, when VP Dan Dery confirmed the phone’s development.

Foldable Razr

As far as price goes, the RAZR is rumored to go for a generous $1,500. Those in Europe are expected to get their hands on the RAZR soon after, possibly around January of 2020. We’ve also seen plenty of impressive renders showing off what the RAZR may look like. The exterior of the device sports the iconic flip phone design. Now updated, the screen has been brought to the future with a large, foldable display.

If Motorola successfully launches the RAZR this December, it may be the best priced foldable screen device. Samsung’s $2,000 Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s $2,600 Mate X are still missing in action, leaving Motorola with the upper hand. If Motorola took their time perfecting the technology, they may avoid a nightmare like Samsung is currently dealing with today. Still, it’s still uncertain if the world wants to join the foldable smartphone world.