[Event Review] Adam Beyer & Cirez D At The Hollywood Palladium 11/23/2018

Adam Beyer & Cirez D @ The Hollywood Palladium

Techo is one of dance music’s last few hidden gems. The clubs, & festivals dedicated to the genre are some of the most sought after venues & events in the world. These are places like Berghain, Awakenings, & Kiev. While EDM has certainly taken over the world, we can’t help but miss the times when it was all about the music.


This is exactly what the Techno Realm is all about. If what you long for are pulsating bass-lines, driving kicks, & hypnotizing synths, we’ve got you covered. Adam Beyer & Cirez D have recently hit the road, blessing crowds across America with not just one, but four special B2B sets. In what seems like the perfect addition to the already sold out shows, they also added the UK based DJ & Record Producer Cristoph to the lineup. When looked at as a whole, we can’t help but think that this is a techno lovers dream.

I recently had the opportunity to check out the opening night of this series of events at The Palladium in Hollywood. To say that it was life-changing would be an understatement.  I was lucky enough to see Adam Beyer once before, and at the time I wasn’t exactly aware of what I was experiencing. Fast forward 8+ years, and things are a bit different.

I had visited The Palladium for a Bassrush/Disciple event for the first time just a few weeks prior, and the venue was bustling with attendees as the doors opened. This night was a bit different. As I walked into The Palladium for the Adam Beyer/Cirez D show, the doors had been open for a little more than hour. To my surprise, there were less than 30 people on the dance floor. I grooved a bit to the opening DJ, but I wanted to save my energy. To do so, I stepped outside to catch a breather, as well as to catch up with old friends.


A bit of time passed, and at this point I decided to head back inside, as Cristoph was set to start soon. As I re-entered the venue from the balcony, I was shocked to see the dance floor full of people, and loads more making their way in. This trend continued, and before I knew it, the place was packed. 1030 came, and Cristoph started his opening set.

I had never seen Cristoph before. However, with being handpicked to open the series of shows, I had a general idea of what to expect. It goes without saying, that I was not let down. Cristoph took the crowd on quite the musical journey, warming us up nicely for the show to come. If you’ve never had the chance to see Cristoph live, check out his Sirius XM guest-mix here, it’s great. Having someone like Christoph set the stage for Beyer/Cirez was a great move. Cristoph is a DJ that I can’t wait to see again.

In true opener fashion, Christoph did his job, and prepared us for the adventure ahead. Before we knew it, Adam Beyer & Cirez D took the stage, and the crowd could hardly contain itself. For the next 3+ hours, our souls belonged to them.

Adam Beyer & Cirez D

The beautiful thing about Techno, is that it is nothing but pure vibes. The scene isn’t about popping bottles, the clout, or even the headliners themselves. It’s all about the music, and it’s great. Adam Beyer & Cirez D are legends in their own right. With Adam being the head of Drumcode, and Eric being, well, Eric, they are more than capable of holding their own. Put these two together, and prepare to have your mind-blown.

The two have managed to single handedly shape the landscape of music, and this is something we love. Friday night, I experienced this firsthand. I’ve been a Dance Music enthusiast for nearly a decade now. The greatness that I experienced from the two together is unparalleled. In preparation of the night, I spoke with some friends who are huge Techno fans. I could not believe what I was being told, I was literally being hyped up.

These are people that have seen Adam & Eric together, and alone, numerous times, at various venues and across different continents. While at The Palladium, I met people who had traveled from as far as Houston. To this, I was truly blown away. To hear that they came from so far, just for the show, was unreal. Even more-so when they too echoed the very same sentiments.

I could attempt to break the show down further, but I would be doing you a disservice. If you have the chance to check out their two remaining shows, I highly encourage you to attend. If not, you might want to look into seeing them separately, and in time, together. For now, you can relive the nights show here. This is another one of those shows that you do not want miss, as its not guaranteed to happen again.

New York Shows

Adam Beyer & Cirez D will be stopping in Brooklyn, NY at the Brooklyn Warehouse for the second set of shows this Friday November 30 & Saturday December 1. Tickets are already sold out, but can found from select ticket resellers, enjoy.