Reddit is one of the few places on the internet that is consistently filled with gold. There is literally a subreddit for anything and everything, and we love it. It is a haven of information and a great way for influencers of all sorts to reach their fan bases. A perfect example of this is the typical “Ask Me Anything”, or AMA for short. We have seen everyone from What So Not to Getterand Pasquale Rotella host AMAs. Today, we present to you an AMA from No Mana & i_o, who took this task on together. Here’s a snippet of some of No Mana & i_o‘s responses:

1.Favorite Tracks From Each Other, Influences, & Video Games

2.On Their Relationships With Deadmau5, Opinions on Porter/Virtual Self & Production

3. Question On Branding

4. No Mana on Isqa side project & Working with Rezz

5. On Possible Tour Together

6. On Mau5trap & NYC Shows

7. On Networking & Early Sounds

While No Mana & i_o have gone back & forth for some time on social media poking fun at each other, it is obvious that it is all fun & games. Or is it? Regardless, it was fun to read along to their AMA.

You can check out the full thread here. Enjoy!