EDMTunes Chats with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike About Tomorrowland, The State Of EDM & The Future Of Dance Music

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Interview

The popularity of Dance Music is at an all-time high. With acts like Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta, it isn’t hard to see why. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are another name that deserves to be thrown into that mix. The duo is made up of real-life brothers Dimitri Thivaios & Michael Thivaios. who happen to hail from Belgium.

If you didn’t know, Tomorrowland is also from Belgium, so with that being said, the two go hand in hand. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have toured the world, playing everywhere from Las Vegas, To Ibiza. They’ve collaborated with everyone from Martin Garrix, to Gucci Mane. It can be said, that they need no introduction, however, I gave you anyway. EDMTunes recently had the chance to interview the Belgian Duo, and it was a fun one. You can check that out below.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike On Tomorrowland  & The Dance Scene

How does it feel watching the dance scene and Tomorrowland, that you’ve been a part of since
early on, grow into such a global powerhouse?

M: It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of something so special.

D: What Tomorrowland has achieved on a global scale is truly breath-taking. To be a part of the festival and watch it grow and grow through the love of the fans and the support of everyone involved and who attends is amazing! When we’re on that mainstage in the Valley it is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in our lives. Tomorrowland holds a magic that is unique to that festival only.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike On Music & Dance Culture

Older sounds like Big Room and Progressive are coming back – have you noticed this and are you
planning some tracks along those lines?

D: We’ve noticed a lot of shifts in genres and trends in music lately. We have a very varied style, this has always been a part of our music policy, so whether on stage or in the studio we’re never pigeonholed to one sound. We love to mix up our studio sessions and work on various material and keep the fans guessing. We have a batch of new music coming soon which we feel the fans are going to love. Watch this space!

What are your current thoughts on the status of EDM and dance music culture overall, and is
there anything you would like to change?

M: Dance music and the culture of our scene is super healthy right now!

D: Yeah, dance music as a whole has never been in a stronger position than it is today. We are seeing fans from more and more countries follow our scene and this is amazing to watch and be a part of.

M: We are truly a global scene now.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike On The Future

Are you excited about Swedish House Mafia’s return?

D: Yeah, it’s great to have them back as a trio.

M: Agreed. Respect to what those guys have done and plan to do.

2018 saw Like Mike experiment and release tracks solo, as well as Dimitri Vegas play roles in multiple films. Do you have other solo projects planned?

M: Right now we’re just focusing on our music plans. We have other projects, but the focus is always on our music, we just like to be creative in different ways, but our collective project is the centre of everything we do.

D: We are super driven guys and we’re always working on something. For us it’s about keeping busy
and always keeping the creative process moving forward.

We know you have your Garden of Madness Steel Yard Show in Liverpool next month. Tell us
about what we can expect.

D: We have created something very special for this exclusive UK appearance. It is going to be an incredible show and we believe will be a Garden of Madness show unlike any other! We want the UK fans to remember this event for years to come, and Liverpool has always been a great city for us, the fans there are incredible and love to party. So we can’t wait to return with this special concert in the legendary Steel Yard.


Be sure catch Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’sGarden Of Madness’ at Steel Yard in Liverpool. They will be making their way to the iconic venue along with Oliver Heldens, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Disciples, and many, many more. The event will be held on December 8, 2018, and is presented by Tomorrowland. You can get your tickets here.