The highly anticipated Spring Awakening dates have been released! 2019’s installation of SAMF will be taking place on June 7, June 8 and June 9. This is the 8th year in a row that SAMF will rock Chicago. This year will no doubt be the best one yet, seeing as there are many positive changes in store for the attendees of Chicago’s biggest music festival. Not only are there plans of new stage designs, including a completely brand new Solstice Stage, there will also be a new venue for 2019.

The location for the past three years was Addams/Medill Park, however, it is unable to be used this year due to it receiving a brand new field house and soccer field. Since the new construction is beginning in the spring, it means Spring Awakening had to find a new location. However, SAMF is excited to announce this year’s festival will be taking place at beautiful Douglas Park.

No matter where our festival happens, the essence of Spring Awakening lives on in the resilient spirit and collective energy of our fans, for which we thank them.

Early bird tickets go on sale Tuesday November 13 and can be purchased on Spring Awakening’s site here.