DJ Snake Teasing New Album – AGAIN

We know DJ Snake is a master of trolling. Last Thanksgiving, he did a severe prank to his good friend Dillon Francis by sending him a box full of toy penises -in all colors . Though the troll was a really good laugh for the EDM community, we learned that way that the French DJ sometimes just wants to have a little fun.

Earlier this year, DJ Snake took to Instagram to announce that a new album was on the way, but he did not give any details about any release date. Instead, he focused on dropping new singles with Cardi B, Ozuna and Selena Gomez, and also with GASHI and French Montana. But the question of when his next album will come up remains.

Up until today we didn’t have any more news about it, until a new Instagram story came out:

DJ Snake Teasing New Album - AGAIN
Yes, the message seems to be pretty clear: the new album should be coming up soon, and we should all excuse DJ Snake for being so out of reach lately. But is this really a hint that new work is about to be unveiled? Or is this just another of DJ Snake’s infamous jokes? Whatever the reason is, we shall find out soon enough.