DJ Snake Pranked Dillon Francis for Thanksgiving & It’s Hilarious

Thanksgiving is a time for giving and appreciating those around you. In the electronic dance community, the members seem to give thanks to those around them in very out-of-the-box and hilarious way. True fans know that DJ Snake & Dillon Francis‘ bromance is built by an absolutely out of control series of pranks which ultimately display their strong bound. For Thanksgiving this year, DJ Snake decided to take his joking to another level by sending the ‘Say Less‘ producer a giant canister of penises – which is designed to hilariously explode when opened.

Check out the madness below:


Posted by Dillon Francis on Thursday, November 23, 2017

I don’t know about you, but at EDMTunes we think this is undeniably entertaining; not to mention, a perfectly executed prank! The simplexity of the joke makes us love their iconic bromance even more and feel closer to them as human beings – not just as DJs. You can really tell by Dillon’s tone of voice that he appreciated this act, even though he had to spend a lot of time cleaning up the glittery penises!

This Snapchat video¬†mashup will be on repeat for a while – it’s extremely amusing and makes us laugh every single time. We absolutely can’t wait to see what Dillon is going to do to get revenge on the French musician. The ‘Let Me Love You‘ DJ should be anticipating something bigger than the dicks that he sent! Watch out…