Spinnin’ Records put on their first ever New York City ‘Spinnin’ Sessions’ this past weekend and it was a sight to behold! EDX, David Tort, and Carta all took the stage at NYC’s premier venue, Schimanski. Performing within the heart of Brooklyn, each talent brought their unique skill sets to the stage for an epic night of disco ball lit dancing. Carta and David Tort both threw down killer sets warming up to the legend himself, EDX.

With a mixture of bass driven beats and impactful vocals (both from his own tracks and mashups with others), EDX kept the crowd moving from start to finish. Fans packed the house and pushed to the front of the stage. All were dying to see this mix master soulfully transition from song to song at the helm of the Schimanski. Surrounded by visuals from screens around the club, it was easy to get lost in the chill, groovy style that so often identifies EDX’s mixes. His signature sound was a perfect way introduce Spinnin’ Sessions to New York. We can only hope this is the first of many Spinnin’ NYC events to come!