EDC Mass Shooting Threatened on Facebook Group

Thankfully EDC Las Vegas went down safely and smoothly for festival goers and artist from around the world. This year’s festival was actually one of the safest the festival has seen. The week-long event included a massive lineup bringing in about 130,000 people each day to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. As we know, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, an ambulance company, and even the FBI worked together to ensure any threats and dangers would be prevented. After the tragic shooting during the Route 91 Harvest Festival last year in Las Vegas, more preparation and time would need to be spent on security. Unfortunately, music festivals and concerts are massive targets to those sick enough to plot such attacks.

Yesterday, a man on the EDC Las Vegas Unofficial Facebook Group threatened to attack next years event. The user, not needed to be named, stated he would “beat the high score” of last years Las Vegas Shooting. Statements like this are not jokes nor funny in any matter, especially when so many have lost their lives do to these shootings. Luckily, several Redditors reported the post, and even found the man’s true identity through his burner account.

Currently, Redditors have reported that the police have been informed of the comment and will be looking further into the threat. Hopefully the man who left the heartless comment was not serious in intentions but it is great that so many people took action to ensure that future events will remain safe. Let this be a reminder for everyone to be smart and responsible before posting comments anywhere on the internet.

Look at what this POS just posted in the EDC FB group. Joking or not this is disgusting and wrong. from electricdaisycarnival