One Arrested After Man Posts Photo Holding Rifle With “Ultra Music Festival” Hashtag

Earlier this month we reported that security was being amped up at Ultra Music Festival this year and local police were taking no chances after the devastating mass shooting in Las Vegas last October. Miami police were on the look out for any suspicious behavior or threat of any type both in person or on any social medias.

That being the case, Miami police have arrested an individual who took to his personal Instagram account to upload a photo of himself with a high-powered rifle name dropping Ultra Music Festival.

The photo that was uploaded consisted of the individual wearing a dark gray t-shirt, jean shorts and a baseball cap as he posed for the photo. A caption reading, “Ready for the weekend” along with hashtags “#tgif“, “#Ultramusicfestival” and “#mmw2018” were also added on with said post.

While it was later determined after questioning that the man posed no threat to the festival or to anyone, the action taken by the individual is still to be received in bad taste. A great job is in order to Ultra’s security team for being on top of this incident. That being said, it is good to know that they are always watching.