Alexander Lewis Drops Impressive New Project, OMNI.

Alexander Lewis Omni

Through his hybridization of brass, bass, synths, and drums, Alexander Lewis returns with his debut EP entitled ‘OMNI.’ Throughout the EP, Alexander constantly evolves his sound and showcases his talents as both an EDM producer and a classically-trained musician.

The EP starts of with ‘Clockwise’, a track that combines the power of old school sampling, powerful brass stabs, and lyric prowess of Nick Row. ‘Back Then’ brings the listener back to Alexander’s classic sound: heavy 808’s, thick brass sustains, and chest thumping drums. ‘March’ showcases the power of utilizing vocal chops and trombone melodies to create an addictive track. With the help from Armani White, ‘Come Up On My Side’ fuses the flow of rap and grit of brass to create head nodding anthem. ‘Wassup’ blends the sound of a distorted trombone, punchy hip hop drums, and MadeinTYO & S’natra’s unmatchable raps. Catching the listener ‘Off Guard’, Alexander rides the wave bringing his sound to the summer season. The EP finishes off strong with ‘Pearl Magnolia’, a track that blossoms into a culmination of fast-paced rhymes from Armani White, energetic brass fills from Brasstracks, and a melodious chorus from Bxrber.

Watch Alexander Lewis premiere his ‘OMNI. EP’ at the Moroccan Lounge tonight in Downtown, Los Angeles. Tickets here