Privilege Ibiza Receives €8.2 Million to Renovate

One of Ibiza’s top clubs, Privilege, just received €8.2 million to renovate its world-famous setting. According to local Ibiza news outlet Periódico de Ibiza y Formentera, the institution that approved the club’s renovations was Ibiza’s Tourism Planning Commission. Privilege closed in 2019 and is now receiving the €8.2 million from the local Ibiza government to install solar energy systems and improve water circulation. Furthermore, Privilege getting €8.2 million shows that the local Ibiza government is serious about bringing new life to the Ibiza tourism industry. In fact, this great update might lead to the superclub possibly reopening real soon.

Privilege possibly started renovating as early as Summer 2022

According to a Facebook post that Ibiza’s very own Privilege uploaded on June 24, 2022, it had the caption of “The quiet little road leading to the Privilege under construction”. That post showed that the club might have possibly started renovating last summer. Meanwhile, the club’s official website has the words “COMING SOON” on the main page. Those words can also signify that Privilege will open once more as early as the beginning of 2024.

The news come as a great improvement for the club since the late 2010s, particularly in 2018. In that year, Privilege saw its license suspended after an inspection notified that the club had made illegal additions so that the club’s whole space can bring in and hold more people than usual. In addition, DJ Mag also reported that in 2019, the last year Privilege opened its doors to the public in Ibiza, the club closed off some sections after the club were notified that those sections were not suitable for people to be in. 2019 however, allowed Privilege to be particularly close instead of having a full suspension of its license like it did in 2018.