Privilege and Amnesia Ibiza Lose Licenses After Construction Inspections

Two nightlife staples in Ibiza have shut their doors temporarily with suspended licenses, after several code infractions were found within the buildings. Local officials inspected Privilege and Amnesia, two of the island’s most iconic clubs, back in September. Unfortunately, they found that both establishments had illegally modified the building in order to expand their occupancy. Diario De Ibiza stated that the inspection was made to “detect possible infractions that may generate dangerous situations”.

You might recall that Privilege houses Ultra’s weekly Resistance residency. When inspectors investigated Privilege, they found numerous safety hazards that put lives at risk. Fire extinguishers were not properly marked, some evacuation routes were wrongfully reconfigured, and designated open spaces were being used as dancefloors. It was estimated that these illegal modifications allowed an extra 500 people into the club.

At Amnesia, investigators found similar building issues that did not meet legal codes. The second floor of the club had been largely expanded, even thought the venue did not have permission to do so. We’re not sure how long the club has been expanded, but it was never legally approved. Generally, all buildings and rooms are given maximum occupancy numbers by fire officials. If a building is overloaded beyond its occupancy, a top story floor could collapse. Additionally, people could have a difficult time exiting the building in an emergency if exits are blocked or there if are too many people.

Privilege and Amnesia have only had their licenses suspended temporarily, giving them time to adjust before peak season hits. Although they are not losing business from the suspension, both were heavily fined. Privilege was fined €650 and Amnesia was fined a painful €54,999. To lift the suspensions, both clubs will need to bring their buildings back up to code in order to reopen before next summer.

Two other unnamed clubs have also been fined around €3,000 and €5,500 for closing past the posted hours. Public safety should be top priority, especially with the large quantities of people that enter through their doors.