Privilege Ibiza Forced Close Certain Sections During 2019 Season


Late last year Privilege Ibiza got its license revoked after safety inspections revealed the club had done illegal modifications to increase capacity. However, the club has been allowed to open for the 2019 season albeit in a limited capacity.

Fortunately, the folks over at Privilege have managed to meet the main safety requirements mandated by the license, I.e cleared emergency exits. Thanks to this their spacious Main Room & Vista Club spaces will remain open.

However multiple sections of the club are still deemed unsafe and will remain closed until any further development. This includes the Coco Loco, Pyramid Dance-floors & a balcony connected to the Safari bar.

Fellow Ibiza club Amnesia was also closed down last year under similar circumstances. However, the club has completely opened again this month, signalling that all the safety requirements were met.

H/T Mixmag