Modapit Releases Introspective Album Follow-Up Single, ‘Time To Run’

The mysterious act keeps impressive the world. Now, he comes with a single that promises to be a reflection of his sound as a whole.

The one and only Modapit, an artist who’s taken the world by storm this year, is back for the next chapter of his trailblazing sound path. Bringing to the scene a personality that acts under a dark veil, Modapit’s view of things involves the incognito aspect to leave listeners hanging only to what the ear can perceive.


To say he’s had a busy year would be a large understatement. From his debut single ‘Dancing’ back in January, to releasing an entire album titled Devotion, and even playing at EDC Las Vegas, Modapit has been anything but quiet during 2023. His blend of unique musical cues and his impacting appearance have both grown on listeners. Listeners he’s now converted into fans.

After such a solid step like a debut album, expectation often grows exponentially for artists. What will their next chapter be? Well, Modapit wasted no time wandering about and today presents his newest addition to his catalogue. His latest is an electrifying single titled ‘Time To Run‘.

‘Time To Run’

The tune embodies a harmonious blend of Modapit’s early influences and his evolved production style, both of which are very clear all throughout the duration. In concordance with his public image, the song shines a tense, mythical-like aura, with clever use of distorted elements, weird textures, strings, and a hint of 80s. If this track doesn’t immediately click for you, please, listen again. You might be missing out on something that catches your eye.

Regarding the single, Modapit confessed, “Crafting ‘Time to Run’ was a journey in itself“. He further added, “From vocals to the melodies, every element has a story“. And it shows, for this track sounds much more introspective than his anteceding discography.

[Time to run] is a reflection of my past, present, and the future of my sound.


I keep coming back to the 80s feel of some textures of the track, and those really get me hooked. The “Time To Run” motif sung in a rather deep voice, the bridge with its harmonies, the dirty bass lying underneath, and the frontal position of the main lead, all bring me back in time. But also, this song shows sublime quality with a modern sound, which makes me think ‘Time To Run’ has the potential to become a future classic. Love it.

Have a listen now! Put on your best set of headphones and give Modapit‘s ‘Time To Run‘ a couple of plays by clicking the Spotify button linked below, or click this link to support the single on your platform of choice. Also, be sure to stay up to date with Modapit for upcoming releases and shows such as EDC Orlando by giving him a follow on socials.