John Summit Strikes The World With ‘Legacy’ Alongside VLTRA

The latest Tech-House banger from its current leading force is sure to direct you straight to the dancefloor.

Here’s yet another newspiece regarding the current king of the Tech-House genre, none other than John Summit. The man has had an unstoppable year, after acquiring a condo in Miami, playing his very first BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, playing ARC, and even rebranding his record label, formerly Off The Grid, to Experts Only.

About that last point, though, here comes an amazing update: Summit’s label keeps moving forward, now with a release by himself, joining forces with Sicilian duo VLTRA to deliver a killer club cut, simply titled ‘Legacy‘. As the heavy-hitter it is, it’s likely you already know which track I’m talking about. John Summit himself played it in both sets highlighted earlier, namely, the Essential Mix and the ARC set.

John Summit.


No hurry, no rush, no regrets“. Not only are they recurring lyric bits of this stunning collaboration, they also describe our feelings after listening to it. ‘Legacy’ puts everything you know about Tech-House to good and creative use. Tension, pools of reverb, and a contrasting tension release by the hand of drier elements. All without leaving behind the rough base and percussion layers Summit has us all so used to.

Somehow the percussion on this track sounds even dirtier than previous releases. Pair that with the little square pluck falling on every other beat, and you have the recipe for an Imhotep-face-infused masterpiece. You’ll certainly make this face when you listen to ‘Legacy’.


That said, waste no more time and give ‘Legacy’ by John Summit and VLTRA a play by clicking the Spotify button down below. Alternatively, click here to fly over to YouTube. Finally, click this link to support ‘Legacy‘ on any other platform you choose.