Colyn Unleashes Four-Track EP, Cyclone, On Rose Avenue Records

Colyn, the maestro of electronic symphonies, has unleashed his latest creation, the Cyclone EP. Cyclone is a four-track EP that exudes a roaring storm of musical ingenuity. A storm that is sure to engulf listeners in its sonic whirlwind. This EP is a manifestation of Colyn’s artistry. Upon listening, it is plain to see that it is a fusion of energy and emotion. Further, it is a journey through tempestuous beats and melodic landscapes that will leave you spellbound.

With a decade of experience in the electronic music universe, Colyn has etched his name into the annals of Techno and House. His journey has been adorned with accolades and supported by legends like Tale of Us, Mind Against, Kölsch, and Joris Voorn. Having graced stages alongside electronic icons such as Solomun, Adriatique, and Âme, he now stands at the brink of a new chapter. Cyclone is his magnum opus, a testament to his unparalleled production finesse, ready to sweep the world off its feet.

Unveiling Colyn’s Sonic Storm

Hold your breath, for the sonic revolution is about to unfold. Colyn, the virtuoso from Amsterdam, is gearing up to grace us with his EP, Cyclone, on none other than Rose Avenue Records, a sanctuary for musical brilliance. With four tracks — ‘Cyclone‘, ‘Signal Received‘, ‘Rushing‘, and ‘Action Xl‘ — this EP promises an electrifying experience.

Colyn’s Cyclone EP is an auditory masterpiece, a true expedition through electronic realms crafted with precision. With a runtime of 26 minutes, & 3 seconds, this is an EP that you don’t want to miss. If you’re a fan of Colyn, Melodic Techno, or Rose Avenue Records, then this is an EP that you do not want to miss. In conclusion, Colyn’s ‘Cyclone’ EP is out now on Rose Avenue Records, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Colyn – Cyclone EP