Mysterious Producer Modapit Releases Lead Single ‘Dancing’ Alongside Music Video

The new artist strikes the world with their first public work as they announce their debut album.

It’s always nice to see new faces make their way into the scene — or rather, new silhouettes. Part of Modapit‘s identity is to make a name for themselves behind a fishnet veil, much like we’re used to with artists such as deadmau5, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and Marshmello. The mask (in this case, the veil) ends up turning into a crucial part of the brand of the act behind it. Stripped of their artist ego, Modapit are able to allow listeners to look beyond them and directly at what they aim to present: the juxtaposition between a gothic, edgy streetwear look and euphoric, swirling pop-electronic sounds.


Modapit’s ‘Dancing’

Dancing‘ is not only Modapit’s first release but is also outlined as the lead single for their forthcoming debut album — whose name is still unknown —, which promises to further spotlight the producer’s uplifting, goth-techno aura. The song is a combination of various styles, blending pop euphoria with driving deep house grooves and techno synths. It kicks off with deep bass tones and ethereal vocals before adding arpeggios to the dynamism of the recipe. The track then drops into a pounding four-on-the-floor beat filled with industrial sounds and futuristic melodies.

The song is also released alongside a music video directed by David Borges with cinematography from Carlos Perez. As the first of a three-part short film, the ‘Dancing’ music video follows a woman navigating her way through a troubling past trauma.

The music video for ‘Dancing’ is about a person dealing with grief, and her doing one of the things she loves the most to help her cope with the loss. At the same time, it continues the story of Modapit. Something is happening around the world, and someone close to our character was taken, she came to Modapit for answers, and that’s where our story ends so far.” -David Borges

Check out the single on Spotify down below. Also, click this link here for streaming the song on the platform of your choice.