Reinier Zonneveld Sets World Record for Longest Electronic Music Live Set

The Techno legend just went a whole step further and landed his name in World Record history.

Cool things happen on weekends. Cooler things happen at music festivals, and even cooler was what just happened at the Karren Maar Festival in the Netherlands this past weekend. Renowned Techno artist Reinier Zonneveld did something truly incredible: he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest electronic music live set to date, with 11 hours and 11 minutes.

Zonneveld’s set started at 12:49 PM and ended exactly at midnight. During those hours, the producer had a lot of fun revisiting many of the records that made — and make — him as great as he is today.

Karren Maar festival was an extraordinary journey of sound and connection. Playing for 11 hours and 11 minutes allowed me to deep dive into the essence of my music, exploring uncharted territories of emotion and energy.

-Reinier Zonneveld

A Record-Breaking Festival

This year was the debut of the Karren Maar Festival, properly named after Reinier’s signature phrase. And the little festival sure delivered. The crowd at the Mainstage witnessed history, all while dancing out to the best tunes. Meanwhile, the Filth On Acid record label held its own stage, featuring acts such as Speedy J, Zeltak, Space 92, and Joyhauser.

Following the festival, world-record-holder Reinier Zonneveld will be closing the season with an album release in September. This work will include some of the artist’s most anticipated ID of the past few years, such as the first single lifted from it, ‘Music Is The Answer’.

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