Reinier Zonneveld Announces New Album With ‘Music Is The Answer’ Single

Reinier Zonneveld announced his newest full-length artist album this year, with a new single ‘Music Is The Answer’. We see its release out now on Filth On Acid. Get ready for a taste of techno royalty’s highly-anticipated album.

Music Is The Answer‘ is a thunderous slice of vocal techno. It channels that timeless ’90s-leaning lyric with a fresh new perspective. Off-beat bass throbs under the thumping drums, while distorted acid grunts sharply diverge with the sweet vocal delivery. You may even hear some classic trance within the slow-building breakdown. What’s more, the vocal teases towards the chorus explode in thumping, understated fashion. Haunting pads float above the 303s, with a sparse arrangement highlight the vocals brightly.

Now, this is the fourth in a constant stream of genre-defining full-length releases for him. Reinier once again hits new heights and pushes the boundaries of his evolving sound. ‘Music is the Answer‘ has been a mainstay track in his sets. But his new album will explore his early days of music, with classical pieces translated into samplers and analogue synths. Fans know what his technical live sets are like, and this album will reflect his capability with the highest of energy. In addition, Mixmag reports it’ll even boast a musical element for home entertainment too.

In this new album, I feel like there’s more consistency to the music – it’s all techno, but I’m exploring techno in a broader sense. There is diversity to the tracks, but they are all within the techno spectrum. I’d say this album is my biggest development as an artist, as the selection of music feels really cohesive.

The album was designed to be suitable for home or club play, with a lot of attention to detail to ensure that it fits in any environment. It’s all high-impact stuff but there’s enough musical content to keep you entertained when you listen at home. It’s like a blend of melodic music but then in a very high energetic form. So it’s really techno, but still with a lot of energy. I think the themes, production and the sound design are a big step up from my previous work and I am really happy with how my exploration of conveying emotional communication through the means of dancefloor-suitable techno worked out.”

Reinier Zonneveld on his new album

2023 is shaping up to be a remarkable year for Zonneveld. He’s got a full festival season and throwing his very own festival, Karren Maar in the Netherlands on August 5. Plus, he attempts to break the world record for the longest set there! Check out ‘Music Is The Answer’ below.

Reinier Zonnveld – Music Is The Answer | Buy/Stream