Fideles and Nathan Join Forces for ‘Waterfall’ on Tomorrowland Music

Italian duo Fideles just unveiled their new track ‘Waterfall’ today. We see its release on Tomorrowland Music! They join forces with Serbo-Croatian singer-songwriter Nathan on this.

‘Waterfall’ is an alluring, deep, and mesmerizing melodic techno piece. It combines a heavy mix of layers, hypnotic percussion, and euphoric swells. Then, the track gradually builds up to a breathtaking breakdown before circling back for a big finale. The melody is alluring and emotional. Nathan’s gripping vocals captivate your ears and enrapture the entire piece with emotion. This is another Fideles production set to impress fellow DJs and crowds worldwide.

“We are beyond ecstatic to be releasing our next track “Waterfall” on Tomorrowland Music. This institution that is Tomorrowland has been an inspiration to us. “Waterfall” holds a special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to share its energy and emotions with the world. The support and love we receive from our fans are what keeps us going and we hope this track will resonate deeply with each and every one of you. Tomorrowland has always been about bringing people together through music and we’re humbled to be a part of that magical experience.”


“I came back from a holiday in Portugal where I saw the waterfalls of Frecha da Mizarela in the region of Aveiro. They inspired me so much to write lyrics about it! Fideles and I were trying to find a song together and when they heard the vocal demo of Waterfall they loved it! I’m overwhelmed to collaborate with them, it’s such an honor to meet such humble and talented guys! Their productions are dope!”


Fideles and Nathan’s ‘Waterfall’ will electrify and energize dance floors and festivals worldwide. With over a decade of experience, they continue their timeless repertoire and we look forward to what they have next. Check out their newest track below.

Fideles (feat. Nathan) – Waterfall | Buy/Stream