Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano Collab on ‘Mad World’ EP

Luigi Madonna presents his first Drumcode EP in five years, Mad World, under the iconic Drumcode label together with Neapolitan producer Roberto Capuano. It will be available on October 12th.

We got a taste of the creative synergy that marks Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano’s friendship when the pair dropped ‘Limitless’. Released in 2017, it was a brilliant addition to A-Sides Vol.6. Prior to that Luigi hadn’t dropped an EP since 2015’s hook-driven ‘Magic Land‘. While Capuano stands as one of the label’s most infallible contributors, last year’s The Walker EP was also impressive. He also released ‘Midfield‘ in 2017 on Pan-Pot’s Second State label and it also was awesome.

Crafted between two studios in a pre-COVID-19 world, the three-track conceptual EP opens with ‘Mad World’. As masterfully layered industrial hits and rides depict its narrative, a pulsating melodic lead ensures heavy impact. This musical narrative refers to the strange world we live, worthy of a futuristic dystopia without flying cars or dark cities. The other two songs ‘System Alert‘ and ‘Headquarter‘ evoke another world problem.

Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano Mad World

Not surprisingly, both Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano are considered two incredible producers who have contributed to shaping the modern techno landscape. They also appear regularly on the stage of the most important festivals and in the most recognized clubs.

They are doing 2020’s work in releasing three additional tracks into their arsenal. Always bringing the heat to Naples and beyond, all their works reinforce the breadth and strength of their studio work. Drumcode plans to work with the pair and other artists to bring events throughout the remainder of this year and the next in countries that have been able to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can listen to ‘Mad World’ below.