Drumcode Will Begin Hosting Events in Certain Countries

Drumcode will officially be bringing back events soon. The record label recently announced that they will be able to host shows in countries that have successfully managed the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizers are working closely with promoters to determine if certain countries are safe to hold Drumcode events and how social distancing guidelines will be implemented. According to their most recent statement:

“These shows are organised in collaboration with promoters who work closely with their respective governments and based on up-to-the-minute advice. As soon as there is information available regarding a specific show’s social distancing guidelines, we’ll share these with you.

Event announcements will be made soon once safety has been ensured. However, if these events are postponed in the future, promoters will try their best to provide ticket refunds. Nonetheless, Drumcode encourages future ticket purchasers to hold onto their tickets for a rescheduled show. Ultimately, this will help to support promoters and clubs during the pandemic.

Stay tuned for future Drumcode event announcements.

Drumcode events statement