[WATCH] Pendulum Set From Spitbank Fort

Pendulum recorded an impressive set from Spitbank Fort, a 150-year-old Victorian military fort off England’s south coast. The location between the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth, the massive production, and track selection all make this set amazing to watch. Moreover, it featured live guitar by Peredur ap Gwynedd and vocals from Rob Swire.

After releasing new music this year, Pendulum shared with the fans a video-set from a beautiful location. Earlier this year, Pendulum released their first two singles in a decade, Driver‘ and ‘Nothing For Free‘. The first has a driving baseline and punching vocals. Meanwhile, the latter is thunderous too, but more melodic and intertwined with soulful vocals.

Topping that off, Pendulum debuted a brand new track titled ‘Louder Than Words‘ which is a collaboration with Hybrid Minds. You can hear it around the 22:50 minute mark in the video!

Pendulum Spitbank Fort

On this occasion, Pendulum delivered a vibrant set with many of their all-time best hits. That’s in addition to the recently released music that had its place in this set. If you want to discover all the music that was played during the show, you can check the full tracklist here.

Pendulum Spitbank Fort

This set is a must-watch for the fans. Do not waste the opportunity to check Pendulum’s impressive set at Spitbank Fort below!