Rodg Gives Outstanding Moments with ‘Evocations’ Album

Dutch progressive artist Rodg presents a whole album full of emotions and breathtaking moments. Its name is Evocations, and it came out this week to give us a moment of enjoyment and passion for music.

Rodg is one of those artists who remain current despite the passage of time. An impressive string of features on various Armada compilations proved to be major stepping stones for the artist, renowned for a sound that sticks out.

Putting aside all the problems caused by the pandemic that continues to affect us, Rodg has had a good year – from his Twitch broadcasts and production classes to a collaboration with Super 8 & Tab. Now, following the success with Fate, his third studio album is here. Needless to say, this DJ and producer is always making good moves.

Rodg- Evocations album

Covering a wide range of captivating music that runs from progressive house to trance, Evocations, as the name implies, evokes many feelings and memories of better times. ‘Do it All Again’ is an excellent cover letter that hits a very slow-burning progressive trance heater.

Obviously, you expect progressive trance lines with this artist, and you receive it through the next songs. ‘So Clear‘ brings in new elements that you may have only heard in a live set from him. Some songs like ‘Night Rider‘ or ‘Definite Form‘ count with a jumpy uptone and a deep baseline, as the big room feel accompanies his token trance sound. Along with this album, look out for collabs with artists like Super 8 & Tab, Sarah de Warren, Maim Lany, and Lyonheart.

This is a journey into progressive style, signature sounds, that you’re not going to want to miss! Listen to the album below and grab your copy here.