Rodg x Super 8 & Tab – Soundcheck

Rodg and Super 8 & Tab present to us their brand new collaboration Soundcheck‘. The track is also a part of Super 8 & Tab’s latest album, These Little Stories Part 1.

Amongst the many producers that are only able to produce “one hit wonder” singles, it’s hard to find consistent and talented producers. Rodg and Super 8 & Tab just so happen to be a part of the pool of gifted producers. They are always able to deliver high-quality productions.

Featured on Super 8 & Tab’s latest album, the track is an excellent addition to anyone’s summer playlist. Some of their recent tracks include ‘Leka‘ with Armin van Buuren and ‘Open My Eyes‘ with Fatum.

Rodg and Super 8 & Tab soundcheck

‘Soundcheck’ is a track full of power and progressive melodies. Second, it gives off the nostalgic progressive house trance vibes where the artistic styles of both artists shine through.

The track shows their signature sound in an equilibrated way. Rodg’s progressively dark sound meshes fluidly with the more explosive trance of Super 8 & Tab. The beauty of this song is the ambient vibes they mix with the progressive basslines. In addition, the catchy riff carries you all the way to the end.

In conclusion, ‘Soundcheck’ is the perfect example of why both collaborators are great at what they do. We can’t wait for what Super 8 & Tab have to offer as well as Rodg’s future tracks that have yet to be released.