Miami-Dade County Allows Bars and Clubs to Reopen


Miami-Dade County is slowly opening back up! The county just released a statement highlighting updated coronavirus regulations.

General Guidelines

Firstly, the statement confirms that all essential businesses can remain open, but have to follow regulations and guidelines. Additionally, social distancing of 6 ft. remains in action, and “masks [must be] worn by employees and the public at all times.”

The 11pm-6am curfew is still in place with a $500 violation fine.

Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs

As the pandemic rides out, everyone longs to return to live events, nightlife activities, and festivals. However, for Miami-Dade residents, this is now becoming a possibility.

For restaurants, No more than six people at a table, or ten if they are from the same household.

“50 percent capacity limits for restaurants will remain in place as a minimum, with the expansion of more than 50% capacity allowed for restaurants and other venues that can accommodate more tables while also keeping a 6-foot separation between tables.”

In the case of bars, the ones that only have counter service can open at 50% capacity, and seating must be as distanced as possible between parties.

On the other hand, clubs with dancing must require masks to be worn on the dance floor. Eating and drinking are only allowed at tables.

These regulations are ever-evolving given the complicated nature of the virus. Additionally, rules and regulations vary by state, country, and government. For a more in-depth look at Miami-Dade’s decision to re-open, click here. For a guide to Miami-Dade’s ‘New Normal Guide’, click here.