Tensions surrounding the ongoing impact of coronavirus haven’t dampened Albert Maloof Berdellan III’s spirit. Albert, the previous Head of Marketing and Communications for Ultra Music Festival, tweeted a call out to the EDM industry to unite for a makeshift event in place of Ultra Miami. Let’s cue a round of applause for his spirit!

Scheduled for the weekend of Miami Music Week between the 20th – 22nd of March, Albert’s plan would take Ultra’s place. In the tweet pictured below, Albert calls out to players in the electronic music industry to pull together a 3-day, 12-hour party to save the Miami market.


In case your Facebook newsfeed hasn’t been flooded with the news already, a number of annual events have been called off in a bid to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Sadly, the casualties thus far include Ultra Abu Dabi, Ultra Music Festival Miami and Tomorrowland Winter. This has also led to concerns about the fate of future events.

The start of this festival season has taken some truly heavy hits. While we await the outcome of Albert’s tweet, there’s a glimmer of hope with Miami Music Week currently still going ahead. Check out the events and status here.

It’s been a gut-wrenching few days to have such highly anticipated events called off, but there’s one thing that’s certain. The EDM community will always bounce back stronger and more united than ever.