Afrojack Confirms New Music Under Kapuchon Alias

Dutch DJ/producer Afrojack confirmed that he will release a new batch of songs under his techno alias Kapuchon. He dropped the news while performing a special set on Tomorrowland’s One World Radio, live from the venue itself; he was even sporting a coat from the new TNF x TML collaboration! The artist is scheduled to play at Tomorrowland Winter in Alpe d’Huez, France, which takes place March 14-21.

It’ll be a good week for Afrojack fans as the Wall Recordings Label owner will play three times during Tomorrowland Winter. It looks like Afrojack will be performing twice on Thursday with a main stage set lined up. However, the third set will be on Tuesday under his underground alias Kapuchon. Hopefully, the Dutch legend will tease some of this new music during the festival.

Afrojack had a good year in 2019. Some of his hit releases this past year include ‘Sad’ and ‘Back To Life’. However, it’ll be refreshing to hear some new techno music under this alias. Back in 2017, Afrojack answered a few questions on an EDMTunes interview regarding his Kapuchon alias.

Set times for Tomorrowland Winter are already out for your convenience, so be sure to leave a block open for Afrojack!